CC-Flickr-mobile_phone-5.jpgWhat's the M•learn•WA wiki for?

THIS WIKI IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. Please see Mark Pegrum's wiki for up to date information on m-learning.

This wiki was originally designed to provide a space for teachers at Western Australian independent schools to share their knowledge of and experiences with mobile handheld technologies in the classroom. It emerged from the the AISWA/UWA project Exploring the Pedagogical Applications of Mobile Technologies for Teaching Literacy in Western Australian Independent Schools, when it became evident that many teachers in AISWA schools wanted a platform to share their explorations of the new frontier of m-learning. It is hoped that in time a strong community of practice will grow up around the wiki, and take ownership and responsibility for its maintenance and expansion.

All teachers and pre-service teachers are invited to contribute information, suggestions, reviews and comments - starting now! So please add to whatever you find here when you arrive ... for simple instructions, click on the link in the left-hand menu.
Please email Grace Oakley with names of any of your AISWA colleagues who are using mobile technologies (or planning to use them) and who would like to join the wiki, and she will send them an invitation. Teachers from other systems, as well as pre-service teachers, are now also invited to join.

if you are viewing this wiki on an iPad, the menu may not be visible on the left side of the screen. Simply click on the three dots ... At the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Credits: The site logo was created using the Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator. The phone keypad image, above left, is available under a Creative Commons licence from Samantha Celera's photostream on Flickr; the original can be found here. The original construction and formatting of the wiki is based on the E-language wiki by Mark Pegrum, with contributions by Jan Clarke, Grace Oakley and Adam Marchant.

Contact: If you have comments on any aspect of this wiki, or would like help creating or editing pages, please get in touch with one of the wiki administrators: Mark Pegrum or Grace Oakley.