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Age: All
caster free.png
Create and publish podcasts, import and export audio with iTunes, import audio from own music library or email attachments.

Doodlecast for kids
Age: 4-8+
Screen and audio recording.
See for video clips of Doodlecast in action.

Age: all
This is marketed as an interactive whiteboard for the iPad. It can be projected onto the screen but is also useful as a personal whiteboard for children. Teachers can make animated lessons and put on web so children can view before or after class. Can help teachers implement ‘flipped classroom’. Children themselves can use this app to explain and articulate their understandings. See for a handy video tutorial.

Explain Everything
Age: 7+
explain everything.png
Teachers can use this app to annotate, animate and narrate explanations and presentations. It is possible to create highly interactive learning activities. It is also possible to have children use the app to explain and articulate their understandings. Go to to get some ideas about what this excellent app can do.

iTalk Recorder
Age: All
Audio recording
Year 1 Literacy IAE
Recorder HD
Age: All
recorder hd.png
Record audio, send via e-mail, or transfer them to your computer using iTunes File Sync. Audio files are compressed so that they can be sent easily. The controls are simple and user friendly and the audio quality is more than acceptable. Younger children will need an adult to help.

Screen and audio recording.

Show Me
show me.jpg
Screen and audio recording. This app is excellent for allowing students to draw/write and record audio simultaneously. The potential applications are enormous; for example to get children to articulate their thinking or explain what they are doing. There is a Show Me website associated with the app where children can view others’ recordings and/or upload their own. There is also potential for teachers to use this to record short explanations for students to view.

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